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Purple Power Calming Bundle Kit

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Introduce your dog to the power of lavender essential oil with the Purple Power Calming Bundle Kit! Known for its anxiety relief and antiseptic properties, this lavender bundle kit is great for those new to essential oils as well as seasoned essential oil users who wants to reap its benefits through diffusing or tropical application. Please read the precautionary before attempting to apply on your dog - never apply undiluted essential oils on your dog.

Bundle includes:
- 1 Lavender Essential Oil
- 1 Fractionated Coconut Oil
- 2 empty Essential Oil Roller Bottles

    Diffusion: Start with 2 drops and full water capacity in your diffuser to allow your dog to get used to the new scent.  

    Topical use: Add drops of essential oils into roller bottle and dilute with Fractionated Coconut Oil. Mix well before use. 
    Dilution ratio by dog's weight - 

    0 - 7 kg: 1 drop of essential oil to 20 drops of fractionated coconut oil
    7 - 15 kg: 1 drop of essential oil to 15 drops of fractionated coconut oil
    15 kg and above: 1 drop of essential oil to 10 drops of fractionated coconut oil


    Here are precautionary to take note when considering using lavender or any essential oils on your dog:

    • You should always consult your veterinarian before introducing essential oils to your dog. Never force essential oils into your dog's life.
    • Due to the concentration of our oils, please do not apply undiluted on skin or ingest (Check with your vet for the proper dilution ratio)
    • Never use the oils near your dog’s eyes, mouth, nose, or genital area.
    • Do not use oils on young puppies or very small toy breeds.
    • If your dog is old, sick, or pregnant, do not administer the same amount you would for a healthy dog. 
    • Never use essential oils on your cat.
    • Store the essential oil in cool place away from heat and light.

      Remember, your dog has a super sensitive sense of smell and may find the oil offensive. If he doesn’t like it, please don’t make him “wear” it.